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SH 4-- Patch 1.1


SH 4 Patch 1.1 mit deutschen Sprachfiles


Wichtig!!! Erst das Sprachfile installieren, wenn gewünscht, und dann erst den Patch 1.1        

Neue Support Nr. Tel.0900-1824832 Von Ubisoft!

Alte Nummer aus Begleitheft nicht mehr gültig.

Wehr Spass Hat an SH4 ist hier Richtig!

Sind Zockergilde.de.tl

Berliner Gilde und immer Bereit für Euch!


Es ist endlich soweit. Es gibt Neuigkeiten zum lang erwarteten Patch 1.3.
Er wird morgen (12. Juli 2007) ab 18:00 verfügbar sein.

Was beinhaltet der Patch?


1. All Sensors have been tuned for a more realistic performance
2. All ship gunners now improve the precision of their shooting in time
3. Small, irrelevant, units don't show up on the map or clutter the sensors
4. The radar and hydrophone won't detect units that don't have a signature of that kind (sampans, rowboats, etc)
5. New orders received by the player are presented through a radio message pop-up.

Neue Inhalte:

1. Radar and Sonar interfaces and functionality have been improved. Now buttons move when clicked and the scroll wheel can be used to train the sensor in the desired direction. Additionally, one can directly click on the bearing indicator, respectively PPI screen, to obtain the same effect.
2. Friendly pilots shot down will pop up red smoke to signal their position to the player
3. Improved orders panel
4. Colorado class battleships have been added to the game
5. The player can now request a speed estimate on a target as long as he has recently sent at least two range and bearing data sets. Keep in mind that the estimate needs to be sent to the TDC to be taken into account for the shot.
6. The recognition manual now remembers the last page it was opened at, and will default to the Japanese roster

Bug Fixes:

1. Solved a bug that lead to target range estimation errors when playing in Imperial measurement system
2. Corrected the wrong orientation of sounds in the submarine interior
3. The radar now detects targets to the north, south and generally any other direction, according to the historical performance, of course.
5. Solved a few bugs related to the AI Group commander
6. Various ships have had firing arcs limitations corrected
7. Various ships have had engine HP values corrected, thanks to some great research by Nematode!
8. Some problems with the sound engine have been solved
9. Various user interface enhancements / bugfixes.
10. Parachutes animations run correctly now.
11. Torpedoes fired by the player now show up on the map even after crossing the International Date change Line
12. All menus display correctly on widescreen resolutions
13. Periscope zoom has been set to the historical value.
14. Submarine's batteries no longer recharge when no fuel is available.
15. All ship dimensions are now correct and will no longer lead to targeting errors. Keep in mind that torpedoes may still run too deep, as it is correct historically.
16. Clemson class destroyers are no longer crewed by Japanese sailors
17. AI units will now take notice of nearby ships being destroyed even when there is not a trace of the attacker  

mfg Clanboss. Mike.

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